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Länderabfrage Importgüter

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 LandImport Commodities - Importgüter
Afghanistanmachinery and other capital goods, food, textiles, petroleum products
Ägyptenmachinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, wood products, fuels
Albanienmachinery and equipment, foodstuffs, textiles, chemicals
Algeriencapital goods, foodstuffs, consumer goods
Amerikanische Jungferninselnfoodstuffs, consumer goods, building materials
Amerikanisch-Samoaraw materials for canneries, food, petroleum products, machinery and parts
Andorraconsumer goods, food, fuel, electricity
Angolamachinery and electrical equipment, vehicles and spare parts; medicines, food, textiles, military goods
Anguillafuels, foodstuffs, manufactures, chemicals, trucks, textiles
Antigua und Barbudafood and live animals, machinery and transport equipment, manufactures, chemicals, oil
Äquatorialguineapetroleum sector equipment, other equipment, construction materials, vehicles
Argentinienmachinery, motor vehicles, petroleum and natural gas, organic chemicals, plastics
Armeniennatural gas, petroleum, tobacco products, foodstuffs, diamonds, pharmaceuticals, cars
Arubamachinery and electrical equipment, refined oil for bunkering and reexport, chemicals; foodstuffs
Aserbaidschanmachinery and equipment, foodstuffs, metals, chemicals
Äthiopienmachinery and aircraft (14%, by value), metal and metal products, (14%), electrical materials, (13%), petroleum products (12%), motor vehicles, (10%), chemicals and fertilizers (4%)
Australienmotor vehicles, refined petroleum, telecommunication equipment and parts; crude petroleum, medicaments, goods vehicles, gold, computers
Bahamasmachinery and transport equipment, manufactures, chemicals, mineral fuels; food and live animals
Bahraincrude oil, machinery, chemicals
Bangladeschcotton, machinery and equipment, chemicals, iron and steel, foodstuffs
Barbadosconsumer goods, machinery, foodstuffs, construction materials, chemicals, fuel, electrical components
Belarusmineral products, machinery and equipment, chemicals, foodstuffs, metals
Belgienraw materials, machinery and equipment, chemicals, raw diamonds, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, transportation equipment, oil products
Belizemachinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods; fuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals; food, beverages, tobacco
Beninfoodstuffs, capital goods, petroleum products
Bermudaclothing, fuels, machinery and transport equipment, construction materials, chemicals, food and live animals
Bhutanfuel and lubricants, airplanes, machinery and parts, rice, motor vehicles
Bolivienmachinery, petroleum products, vehicles, iron and steel, plastics
Bosnien und Herzegowinamachinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels, foodstuffs
Botsuanafoodstuffs, machinery, electrical goods, transport equipment, textiles, fuel and petroleum products, wood and paper products, metal and metal products
Brasilienmachinery, electrical and transport equipment, chemical products, oil, automotive parts, electronics
Britische Jungferninselnbuilding materials, automobiles, foodstuffs, machinery
Brunei Darussalammachinery and mechanical appliance parts, mineral fuels, motor vehicles, electric machinery
Bulgarienmachinery and equipment; metals and ores; chemicals and plastics; fuels, minerals, and raw materials
Burkina Fasocapital goods, foodstuffs, petroleum
Burundicapital goods, petroleum products, foodstuffs
Cabo Verdefoodstuffs, industrial products, transport equipment, fuels
Chilepetroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, electrical and telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, vehicles, natural gas
Chinaelectrical and other machinery, including integrated circuits and other computer components, oil and mineral fuels; optical and medical equipment, metal ores, motor vehicles; soybeans
Cookinselnfoodstuffs, textiles, fuels, timber, capital goods
Costa Ricaraw materials, consumer goods, capital equipment, petroleum, construction materials
Côte d'Ivoirefuel, capital equipment, foodstuffs
Curaçaocrude petroleum, food, manufactures
Dänemarkmachinery and equipment, raw materials and semimanufactures for industry, chemicals, grain and foodstuffs, consumer goods
Deutschlandmachinery, data processing equipment, vehicles, chemicals, oil and gas, metals, electric equipment, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, agricultural products
Dominicamanufactured goods, machinery and equipment, food, chemicals
Dominikanische Republikpetroleum, foodstuffs, cotton and fabrics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals
Dschibutifoods, beverages, transport equipment, chemicals, petroleum products, clothing
Ecuadorindustrial materials, fuels and lubricants, nondurable consumer goods
El Salvadorraw materials, consumer goods, capital goods, fuels, foodstuffs, petroleum, electricity
Eritreamachinery, petroleum products, food, manufactured goods
Estlandmachinery and electrical equipment 28%, mineral fuels 11%, food and food products 10%, vehicles 9%, chemical products 8%, metals 8% (2015 est.)
Eswatinimotor vehicles, machinery, transport equipment, foodstuffs, petroleum products, chemicals
Europäische Unionfuels and crude oil, machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals, precious gemstones, textiles, aircraft, plastics, metals, ships
Falklandinselnfuel, food and drink, building materials, clothing
Färöergoods for household consumption, machinery and transport equipment, fuels, raw materials and semi-manufactures, cars
Fidschimanufactured goods, machinery and transport equipment, petroleum products, food and beverages, chemicals, tobacco
Finnlandfoodstuffs, petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, transport equipment, iron and steel, machinery, computers, electronic industry products, textile yarn and fabrics, grains
Frankreichmachinery and equipment, vehicles, crude oil, aircraft, plastics, chemicals
Französisch-Polynesienfuels, foodstuffs, machinery and equipment
Gabunmachinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, construction materials
Gambiafoodstuffs, manufactures, fuel, machinery and transport equipment
Gazastreifenfood, consumer goods, fuel
Georgienfuels, vehicles, machinery and parts, grain and other foods, pharmaceuticals
Ghanacapital equipment, refined petroleum, foodstuffs
Gibraltarfuels, manufactured goods, foodstuffs
Grenadafood, manufactured goods, machinery, chemicals, fuel
Griechenlandmachinery, transport equipment, fuels, chemicals
Grönlandmachinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, food, petroleum products
Großbritannienmanufactured goods, machinery, fuels; foodstuffs
Guampetroleum and petroleum products, food, manufactured goods
Guatemalafuels, machinery and transport equipment, construction materials, grain, fertilizers, electricity, mineral products, chemical products, plastic materials and products
Guernseycoal, gasoline, oil, machinery, and equipment
Guineapetroleum products, metals, machinery, transport equipment, textiles, grain and other foodstuffs
Guinea-Bissaufoodstuffs, machinery and transport equipment, petroleum products
Guyanamanufactures, machinery, petroleum, food
Haitifood, manufactured goods, machinery and transport equipment, fuels, raw materials
Hondurascommunications equipment, machinery and transport, industrial raw materials, chemical products, fuels, foodstuffs
Hongkongraw materials and semi-manufactures, consumer goods, capital goods, foodstuffs, fuel (most is reexported)
Indiencrude oil, precious stones, machinery, chemicals, fertilizer, plastics, iron and steel
Indonesienmineral fuels, boilers, machinery, and mechanical parts, electric machinery, iron and steel, foodstuffs
Insel Mantimber, fertilizers, fish
Irakfood, medicine, manufactures
Iranindustrial supplies, capital goods, foodstuffs and other consumer goods, technical services
Irlanddata processing equipment, other machinery and equipment, chemicals, petroleum and petroleum products, textiles, clothing
Islandmachinery and equipment, petroleum products, foodstuffs, textiles
Israelraw materials, military equipment, investment goods, rough diamonds, fuels, grain, consumer goods
Italienengineering products, chemicals, transport equipment, energy products, minerals and nonferrous metals, textiles and clothing; food, beverages, tobacco
Jamaikafood and other consumer goods, industrial supplies, fuel, parts and accessories of capital goods, machinery and transport equipment, construction materials
Japanpetroleum 16.1%; liquid natural gas 9.1%; clothing 3.8%; semiconductors 3.3%; coal 2.4%; audio and visual apparatus 1.4% (2014 est.)
Jemenfood and live animals, machinery and equipment, chemicals
Jerseymachinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, foodstuffs, mineral fuels, chemicals
Jordaniencrude oil, refined petroleum products, machinery, transport equipment, iron, cereals
Kaimaninselnfoodstuffs, manufactured goods, fuels
Kambodschapetroleum products, cigarettes, gold, construction materials, machinery, motor vehicles, pharmaceutical products
Kamerunmachinery, electrical equipment, transport equipment, fuel, food
Kanadamachinery and equipment, motor vehicles and parts, crude oil, chemicals, electricity, durable consumer goods
Kasachstanmachinery and equipment, metal products, foodstuffs
Katarmachinery and transport equipment, food, chemicals
Keniamachinery and transportation equipment, oil, petroleum products, motor vehicles, iron and steel, resins and plastics
Kirgisistanoil and gas, machinery and equipment, chemicals, foodstuffs
Kiribatifood, machinery and equipment, miscellaneous manufactured goods, fuel
Kokosinseln (Keelinginseln)foodstuffs
Kolumbienindustrial equipment, transportation equipment, consumer goods, chemicals, paper products, fuels, electricity
Komorenrice and other foodstuffs, consumer goods, petroleum products, cement and construction materials, transport equipment
Kongocapital equipment, construction materials, foodstuffs
Kongo, Demokratische Republikfoodstuffs, mining and other machinery, transport equipment, fuels
Korea, Demokratische Volksrepublikpetroleum, coking coal, machinery and equipment, textiles, grain
Korea, Republikcrude oil/petroleum products, semiconductors, natural gas, coal, steel, computers, wireless communication equipment, automobiles, fine chemicals, textiles
Kosovofoodstuffs, livestock, wood, petroleum, chemicals, machinery, minerals, textiles, stone, ceramic and glass products, electrical equipment
Kroatienmachinery, transport and electrical equipment; chemicals, fuels and lubricants; foodstuffs
Kubapetroleum, food, machinery and equipment, chemicals
Kuwaitfood, construction materials, vehicles and parts, clothing
Laosmachinery and equipment, vehicles, fuel, consumer goods
Lesothofood; building materials, vehicles, machinery, medicines, petroleum products
Lettlandmachinery and equipment, consumer goods, chemicals, fuels, vehicles
Libanonpetroleum products, cars, medicinal products, clothing, meat and live animals, consumer goods, paper, textile fabrics, tobacco, electrical machinery and equipment, chemicals
Liberiafuels, chemicals, machinery, transportation equipment, manufactured goods; foodstuffs
Libyenmachinery, semi-finished goods, food, transport equipment, consumer products
Liechtensteinagricultural products, raw materials, energy products, machinery, metal goods, textiles, foodstuffs, motor vehicles
Litauenoil, natural gas, machinery and equipment, transport equipment, chemicals, textiles and clothing, metals
Luxemburgcommercial aircraft, minerals, chemicals, metals, foodstuffs, luxury consumer goods
Macauraw materials and semi-manufactured goods, consumer goods (foodstuffs, beverages, tobacco, garments and footwear, motor vehicles), capital goods, mineral fuels and oils
Madagaskarcapital goods, petroleum, consumer goods, food
Malawifood, petroleum products, semi-manufactures, consumer goods, transportation equipment
Malaysiaelectronics, machinery, petroleum products, plastics, vehicles, iron and steel products, chemicals
Maledivenpetroleum products, clothing, intermediate and capital goods
Malipetroleum, machinery and equipment, construction materials, foodstuffs, textiles
Maltamineral fuels, oils and products; electrical machinery; aircraft/spacecraft and parts thereof; machinery and mechanical appliances; plastic and other semi-manufactured goods; vehicles and parts
Marokkocrude petroleum, textile fabric, telecommunications equipment, wheat, gas and electricity, transistors, plastics
Marshallinselnfoodstuffs, machinery and equipment, fuels, beverages, tobacco
Mauretanienmachinery and equipment, petroleum products, capital goods, foodstuffs, consumer goods
Mauritiusmanufactured goods, capital equipment, foodstuffs, petroleum products, chemicals
Mayottefood, machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, metals, chemicals
Mexikometalworking machines, steel mill products, agricultural machinery, electrical equipment, automobile parts for assembly and repair, aircraft, aircraft parts, plastics, natural gas and oil products
Mikronesienfood, beverages, clothing, computers, household electronics, appliances, manufactured goods, automobiles, machinery and equipment, furniture, tools
Moldaumineral products and fuel, machinery and equipment, chemicals, textiles
Mongoleimachinery and equipment, fuel, cars, food products, industrial consumer goods, chemicals, building materials, cigarettes and tobacco, appliances, soap and detergent
Montserratmachinery and transportation equipment, foodstuffs, manufactured goods, fuels, lubricants
Mosambikmachinery and equipment, vehicles, fuel, chemicals, metal products, foodstuffs, textiles
Myanmarfabric; petroleum products; fertilizer; plastics; machinery; transport equipment; cement, construction materials; food products� edible oil
Namibiafoodstuffs; petroleum products and fuel, machinery and equipment, chemicals
Naurufood, fuel, manufactures, building materials, machinery
Nepalpetroleum products, machinery and equipment, gold, electrical goods, medicine
Neukaledonienmachinery and equipment, fuels, chemicals, foodstuffs
Neuseelandpetroleum and products, mechanical machinery, vehicles and parts, electrical machinery, textiles
Nicaraguaconsumer goods, machinery and equipment, raw materials, petroleum products
Niederlandemachinery and transport equipment, chemicals, fuels, foodstuffs, clothing
Niederländische Antillencrude petroleum, food, manufactures
Nigerfoodstuffs, machinery, vehicles and parts, petroleum, cereals
Nigeriamachinery, chemicals, transport equipment, manufactured goods, food and live animals
Niuefood, live animals, manufactured goods, machinery, fuels, lubricants, chemicals, drugs
Nördliche Marianenfood, construction equipment and materials, petroleum products
Nordmazedonienmachinery and equipment, automobiles, chemicals, fuels, food products
Norwegenmachinery and equipment, chemicals, metals, foodstuffs
Omanmachinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, food, livestock, lubricants
Österreichmachinery and equipment, motor vehicles, chemicals, metal goods, oil and oil products, natural gas; foodstuffs
Pakistanpetroleum, petroleum products, machinery, plastics, transportation equipment, edible oils, paper and paperboard, iron and steel, tea
Palaumachinery and equipment, fuels, metals; foodstuffs
Panamafuels, machinery, vehicles, iron and steel rods, pharmaceuticals
Papua-Neuguineamachinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, food, fuels, chemicals
Paraguayroad vehicles, consumer goods, tobacco, petroleum products, electrical machinery, tractors, chemicals, vehicle parts
Perupetroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, plastics, machinery, vehicles, TV sets, power shovels, front-end loaders, telephones and telecommunication equipment, iron and steel, wheat, corn, soybean products, paper, cotton, vaccines and medicines
Philippinenelectronic products, mineral fuels, machinery and transport equipment, iron and steel, textile fabrics, grains, chemicals, plastic
Pitcairninselnfuel oil, machinery, building materials, flour, sugar, other foodstuffs
Polenmachinery and transport equipment 38%, intermediate manufactured goods 21%, chemicals 15%, minerals, fuels, lubricants, and related materials 9% (2011 est.)
Portugalagricultural products, chemical products, vehicles and other transport material, optical and precision instruments, computer accessories and parts, semiconductors and related devices, oil products, base metals, food products, textile materials
Puerto Ricochemicals, machinery and equipment, clothing, food, fish, petroleum products
Ruandafoodstuffs, machinery and equipment, steel, petroleum products, cement and construction material
Rumänienmachinery and equipment, other manufactured goods, chemicals, agricultural products and foodstuffs, fuels and minerals, metals and metal products, raw materials
Russische Föderationmachinery, vehicles, pharmaceutical products, plastic, semi-finished metal products, meat, fruits and nuts, optical and medical instruments, iron, steel
Saint-Martincrude petroleum, food, manufactured items
Salomonenfood, plant and equipment, manufactured goods, fuels, chemicals
Sambiamachinery, transportation equipment, petroleum products, electricity, fertilizer, foodstuffs, clothing
Samoamachinery and equipment, industrial supplies, foodstuffs
San Marinowide variety of consumer manufactures, food, energy
São Tomé und Príncipemachinery and electrical equipment, food products, petroleum products
Saudi-Arabienmachinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, motor vehicles, textiles
Schwedenmachinery, petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, motor vehicles, iron and steel; foodstuffs, clothing
Schweizmachinery, chemicals, vehicles, metals; agricultural products, textiles
Senegalfood and beverages, capital goods, fuels
Serbienmachinery and transport equipment, fuels and lubricants, manufactured goods, chemicals, food and live animals, raw materials
Seychellenmachinery and equipment, foodstuffs, petroleum products, chemicals, other manufactured goods
Sierra Leonefoodstuffs, machinery and equipment, fuels and lubricants, chemicals
Simbabwemachinery and transport equipment, other manufactures, chemicals, fuels, food products
Singapurmachinery and equipment, mineral fuels, chemicals, foodstuffs, consumer goods
Slowakeimachinery and electrical equipment 20%, vehicles and related parts 14%, nuclear reactors and furnaces 12%, fuel and mineral oils 9% (2015 est.)
Slowenienmachinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, chemicals, fuels and lubricants, food
Somaliamanufactures, petroleum products, foodstuffs, construction materials, qat
Spanienmachinery and equipment, fuels, chemicals, semi-finished goods, foodstuffs, consumer goods, measuring and medical control instruments
Sri Lankapetroleum, textiles, machinery and transportation equipment, building materials, mineral products, foodstuffs
St. Helenafood, beverages, tobacco, fuel oils, animal feed, building materials, motor vehicles and parts, machinery and parts
St. Helena, Ascension und Tristan da Cunhafood, beverages, tobacco, fuel oils, animal feed, building materials, motor vehicles and parts, machinery and parts
St. Kitts und Nevismachinery, manufactures, food, fuels
St. Luciafood, manufactured goods, machinery and transportation equipment, chemicals, fuels
St. Martincrude petroleum, food, manufactured items
St. Pierre und Miquelonmeat, clothing, fuel, electrical equipment, machinery, building materials
St. Vincent und die Grenadinenfoodstuffs, machinery and equipment, chemicals and fertilizers, minerals and fuels
Südafrikamachinery and equipment, chemicals, petroleum products, scientific instruments, foodstuffs
Sudanfoodstuffs, manufactured goods, refinery and transport equipment, medicines, chemicals, textiles, wheat
Surinamecapital equipment, petroleum, foodstuffs, cotton, consumer goods
Syrienmachinery and transport equipment, electric power machinery, food and livestock, metal and metal products, chemicals and chemical products, plastics, yarn, paper
Tadschikistanpetroleum products, aluminum oxide, machinery and equipment, foodstuffs
Taiwanoil/petroleum, semiconductors, natural gas, coal, steel, computers, wireless communication equipment, automobiles, fine chemicals, textiles
Tansaniaconsumer goods, machinery and transportation equipment, industrial raw materials, crude oil
Thailandmachinery and parts, crude oil, electrical machinery and parts, chemicals, iron & steel and product, electronic integrated circuit, automobile’s parts, jewelry including silver bars and gold, computers and parts, electrical household appliances, soybean,
Timor-Lestefood, gasoline, kerosene, machinery
Togomachinery and equipment, foodstuffs, petroleum products
Tokelaufoodstuffs, building materials, fuel
Tongafoodstuffs, machinery and transport equipment, fuels, chemicals
Trinidad und Tobagomineral fuels, lubricants, machinery, transportation equipment, manufactured goods, food, chemicals, live animals
Tschadmachinery and transportation equipment, industrial goods, foodstuffs, textiles
Tunesientextiles, machinery and equipment, hydrocarbons, chemicals, foodstuffs
Türkeimachinery, chemicals, semi-finished goods, fuels, transport equipment
Turkmenistanmachinery and equipment, chemicals, foodstuffs
Turks- und Caicosinselnfood and beverages, tobacco, clothing, manufactures, construction materials
Tuvalufood, animals, mineral fuels, machinery, manufactured goods
Ugandacapital equipment, vehicles, petroleum, medical supplies; cereals
Ukraineenergy, machinery and equipment, chemicals
Ungarnmachinery and equipment 45.4%, other manufactures 34.3%, fuels and electricity 12.6%, food products 5.3%, raw materials 2.5% (2012)
Uruguayrefined oil, crude oil, passenger and other transportation vehicles, vehicle parts, cellular phones
Usbekistanmachinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, ferrous and nonferrous metals
Vanuatumachinery and equipment, foodstuffs, fuels
Venezuelaagricultural products, livestock, raw materials, machinery and equipment, transport equipment, construction materials, medical equipment, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, iron and steel products
Vereinigte Arabische Emiratemachinery and transport equipment, chemicals, food
Vereinigte Staatenagricultural products 4.9%, industrial supplies 32.9% (crude oil 8.2%), capital goods 30.4% (computers, telecommunications equipment, motor vehicle parts, office machines, electric power machinery), consumer goods 31.8% (automobiles, clothing, medicines,
Vietnammachinery and equipment, petroleum products, steel products, raw materials for the clothing and shoe industries, electronics, plastics, automobiles
Wallis und Futunachemicals, machinery, consumer goods
Weihnachtsinselconsumer goods
Welt insgesamtthe whole range of industrial and agricultural goods and services; top ten - share of world trade: electrical machinery, including computers 14.8%; mineral fuels, including oil, coal, gas, and refined products 14.4%; nuclear reactors, boilers, and parts 14.2%; cars, trucks, and buses 8.9%; scientific and precision instruments 3.5%; plastics 3.4%; iron and steel 2.7%; organic chemicals 2.6%; pharmaceutical products 2.6%; diamonds, pearls, and precious stones 1.9% (2007 est.)
Westjordanlandfood, consumer goods, construction materials, petroleum, chemicals
Westsaharafuel for fishing fleet, foodstuffs
Zentralafrikanische Republikfood, textiles, petroleum products, machinery, electrical equipment, motor vehicles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals
Zypernconsumer goods, petroleum and lubricants, machinery, transport equipment